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Sophia Hayes

Underground Tattoos Enfield

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I’m a blackwork artist based in north London. I specialise in cyber tribal/blackwork portraits & anything dark/ creepy. My favourite style to tattoo is cyber tribal and I love to freehand it to adapt to the flow of your body 🤍


About the Artist

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Sophia Hayes brings a unique touch to this illustrative tattoo of a heart with wings, symbolizing freedom and love. Expertly executed with intricate details and vibrant colors.Elegantly designed by Sophia Hayes, this delicate single-line heart tattoo is perfect for those seeking a dainty and timeless piece of art.Sophia Hayes's stunning blackwork tattoo features intricate tribal patterns, creating a bold and unique design.Embrace your inner demon with this intricate blackwork devil tattoo. Let Sophia Hayes bring your dark side to life with her illustrative tribal style.Stunning blackwork tattoo by Sophia Hayes featuring a portrait of Angelica Houston as Morticia Adams. Embrace the dark beauty.Admire the intricately detailed black and gray morning star mace tattoo expertly done by artist Sophia Hayes.Transformative neo tribal tattoo by Sophia Hayes, blending cyber sigilism with intricate blackwork design.Express your wild side with this illustrative tattoo featuring a cow and devil motif by the talented artist Sophia Hayes.Get inked by Sophia Hayes with a bold blackwork tribal design for your tramp stamp tattoo. Stand out with this unique and timeless piece.Unique blackwork design showcasing a beautifully detailed moth, created by the talented artist Sophia Hayes.Embrace the intricate beauty of tribal blackwork with a stunning tattoo by the talented artist Sophia Hayes.Elegant blackwork design by Sophia Hayes, blending ornamental patterns for a striking and unique tattoo.
Get a unique and personalized lettering tattoo created by Sophia Hayes, expert in custom designs and typography.Express yourself with custom lettering by tattoo artist Sophia Hayes, showcasing your unique style and personality.Get a stunning blackwork tattoo of Fairuza Balk in the style of a picture, showcasing the craftsmanship of Sophia Hayes.Express your love for unique dolls with this vibrant illustrative tattoo featuring a heart and bratz motif by the talented artist Sophia Hayes.Experience the iconic beauty of Amy Winehouse in this striking blackwork portrait tattoo by the talented artist Sophia Hayes.Explore the fusion of traditional tribal designs with cyberpunk aesthetics by Sophia Hayes in this striking blackwork tattoo.Sophia Hayes weaves intricate tribal patterns in bold blackwork style for a stunning statement piece.Experience the striking beauty of blackwork and tribal style with this intricate design by the talented artist Sophia Hayes.Get a unique blackwork tattoo featuring a doll, barbed wire and a heart design, created by the talented artist Sophia Hayes.Experience the artistry of Sophia Hayes with this stunning bring me the horizon tattoo. Perfect for those who love nu metal! Neo tribal motifs in a cyberpunk style by tattoo artist Sophia Hayes. A unique fusion of tradition and technology.Experience the striking artistry of Sophia Hayes in this blackwork skull tattoo inspired by tribal motifs. Make a bold statement with this unique design.
SHSophia Hayes
Sophia Hayes