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my work with love

SASad Amish Tattooer
Sad Amish Tattooer

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Love and pink hardness done at SashatattoingLA with love 🖤
Octopus mermaid on stomach done at @thechurchworkshop with love 🖤. Done in one 7 hours session on a strong guy!
Dreams and wine done with love at BlackSerum San Francisco 🖤

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« Intimate games with consent » done at the church workshop Bordeaux with love 🖤 on a leg.
Bowsette te from Super Mario for Ashley . Done with love at Sashatattoing Studio Los Angeles .
🍑Peaches details on a leg done at Berlin with love🖤.                                                            Booking open for waiting list 🇺🇸2021🇺🇸
Harness woman done in Los Angeles 🇺🇸 with love 🖤  BOOKING OPEN JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH 📨📨
Smoking nun done at Berlin with love 🖤.                  🇺🇸USA🇺🇸 waiting list open for the 2021 booking 🖤