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Sammi Sparkles

SphINKs Canada

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Sammi has always been a deeply expressive creative which began with theatre and dance from a young age. She has always had a strong pull to all forms of art from painting to screen printing and any other craft she can get her hands on. She studied graphic and exhibition design in secondary school and then in college. After having her only child at a young age, she trained in the art of Nail Extensions (yes, it is in fact a skill!) and every other aspect of the beauty industry. She currently has 26 tattoos (as of January 2019) and has gotten pieces from various artists around the world. Her love for colour and all things sparkly, along with her dry British humour, gives SphINKs Canada a unique, fun and welcoming atmosphere. We look forward to creating with you



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Magpies banksy thigh tattoo memorialA mummy and her two cubs. #geometrictattoo #lionesstattoo #Rosetattoo #dotworktattoo #geometric
Ornamental crystal gem jewel roses lower back tattoo#Floraltattok #memorialtattoo #mandala #roses #sunflower#chibisuperman #superman #dccomics #cutetattoo#Disney Tattoo #Aladdin. Sweet little behind the earCover up
SSSammi Sparkles
Sammi Sparkles