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Sandro Secchin

True Tattoo Kingston

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Sandro is originally from Brazil and has been tattooing for more than 15 years. He is a talented watercolour master, and describes his style as ‘Freedom’. Sandro loves to mix different styles, add a bit of his soul and create special and personalised tattoos.



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

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Illustrative and abstract design by Sandro Secchin, combining geometric shapes with vibrant watercolor effects.Bold black_and_gray snake tattoo by artist Sandro Secchin is a striking addition to your arm.Get a burst of color with this new school watercolor sunflower tattoo on your lower leg by artist Sandro Secchin.Get a colorful new school tattoo on your forearm featuring Spiderman and a heart motif by Sandro Secchin.Vibrant new_school style flower tattoo on forearm by talented artist Sandro Secchin. Stand out with this beautiful and unique design!Bright and bold new school watercolor forearm tattoo featuring a beautiful sunflower by artist Sandro Secchin.Exquisite fish tattoo on forearm by Sandro Secchin, featuring fine line details and realistic shading.Experience the unique blend of new_school style and watercolor technique by Sandro Secchin in this stunning floral tattoo.Get a stunning black and gray chest tattoo of a moth intertwined with a skull by renowned artist Sandro Secchin. Perfect combination of beauty and darkness.Experience the artistry of Sandro Secchin with this stunning, lifelike bird tattoo that blends realism and watercolor styles on your upper arm.#sandrosecchin #clockworkorange #tattoo #inspirationtatto Vibrant new school tattoo by Sandro Secchin, showcasing a delicate flower and whimsical balloon design on the ribs.
A stunning neo traditional tattoo of a woman with a pomegranate motif on the upper arm by artist Sandro Secchin.Intricate upper arm tattoo by Sandro Secchin, blending the protective hamsa hand with the mystical eye in vibrant watercolor style.Get a stunning new school watercolor bird tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Sandro Secchin.Immerse yourself in the ancient Japanese mystique with this intricately designed tattoo by the talented artist Sandro Secchin. The elegant sword and samurai motif on your forearm will serve as a reminder of strength and bravery.Black and gray fine line tattoo on forearm, featuring a compass and arrow design by Sandro Secchin.Vibrant watercolor style mermaid tattoo on forearm by artist Sandro Secchin, perfect for those who love ocean and fantasy themes.Adorn your forearm with a beautiful new school watercolor flower tattoo by the talented Sandro Secchin.Elegant black and gray chest tattoo by Sandro Secchin featuring a majestic deer with intricate horns. Perfect for nature lovers.Vibrant new school design of Sally meeting the Bride on upper arm by Sandro Secchin.Had lots of fun doing this piece!!! Thanks for the trust once more!!!🌷 #sssblcakwork #sandrosecchin #tattoo #tattoodo #tattoodobr #inked #inkfreakz #besttattoo #uktta #tttism #darkartists #blacktattooart #tattrx #blackwork #tattooistartmagazine #besttattoo #tguest #inspirationtattoo #tattoosofinstagram #toptattooartist #blackworker #blackworkersubmission #blxckink #radtattoos #inkjunkeyz #thebesttattooartists #londontattoo #londonart #blkttt #ttt_ist #btattooing #sketch #sketchtattoo #sandrosecchin #riotattoo #oldlondonroadtattoos @oldlondonroadtattoos #portugal #flag #nation #watercolortattoo #graphictattoo #bodyart #illustration #artsavesImmerse yourself in the fierce beauty of a new school watercolor tiger tattoo by the talented artist Sandro Secchin.
SSSandro Secchin
Sandro Secchin