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SPSanta Perpetua tattoo artist

Santa Perpetua tattoo artist

Santa Perpetua graphic art

Brighton, East Sussex


Hi there! My name is Santa. I am a fine artist, graphic designer and tattooist from Barcelona but born in Montevideo. After working for a long time as a designer, my way into the tattoo world started in 2008 under the teaching of Eduardo Sasía (Evolución tattoo. Montevideo, Uruguay). Over the years I have condensed all my knowledge about design and fine art into the tattoo subject, so the Graphic Art style is today my main creative outlet and the end of the search for my personal expression as a tattooist. Every tattoo is art in itself; everyone of my tattoos are put together with the feelings of the customer and my imagination, so my aim is to catch and reflect a piece of the soul in my works, making a unique artistic product every time. My first contact with art was during my early ages. My mother, professional tapestry artist introduced me into the first steps of the drawing techniques. After that, when I was an art student, I took lessons in atelliers in Montevideo, Madrid and Barcelona, always exhibiting my art, working on various illustration projects, and winning some art contests along the way. I also studied Communication Sciences and I have worked as a graphic designer and photographer for companies such as L'Oreal, Coca Cola, Nike, Madpoint, Freeriderzine, Coup de Fouet, Descord and El Pais Cultural, among others. In 2002, I left Montevideo to establish myself in Barcelona, where I lived for almost 12 years. Now I have settled up my private studio in Brighton (UK), where I currently work and express my creativity as a tattooist and artist. And that's it! I hope you enjoy seeing my work. Cheers! Santa Perpetua :)



Black & Gray
Trash Polka Style
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SPSanta Perpetua tattoo artist
Santa Perpetua tattoo artist