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SASara Antoinette Martin

Sara Antoinette Martin

Dukkha Tattoo



Specializing in traditional, illustrative, fine line and cover ups. With over 10 years of experience in tattooing and 20 years spent in art and design, Sara can make anything come alive on any skin tone. You can find Sara tattooing in Brooklyn most of the time. Sometimes she travels!



Old School (Traditional)


Hour rate:200 USD
Min. rate:200 USD
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Red and black peony cover up.  Done in one session.     Cutie cuticle dots!Cover ups always work better when a client is willing to go BIG. Big blue rose with a dagger through it. A portrait of Sappho.Cute lil capsule mummy. One shot chinese zombie. Done in about 3 hours. Demon baby rib tickler. Completed in 3 sessions. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Healed lines, fresh color. Epic chest eagle with glittery hops. This is a beer tattoo. Recently healed galactic lioness with a long time healed Ganesh butterfly. Mashup city. An angry gorilla. Decorative humpback whale with folk art flowers. Based on a mural in Greenland and created to commemorate the client's climate research expedition. Glitter heart! From a valentines flash sheet.
Full back tattoo featuring a kraken, ship and a little moon face blowing a storm around.  Most of the tattoo is healed and settled over a year (thanks, global pandemic).  We were finally able to finish up coloring the sails after the client and I were both vaccinated.  The best mantra of 2020.  Two candy hearts with "SCREAM INSIDE YOUR HEART" written in print. Healed a settled raven skull and some cosmic antlers done in a dotwork style. The client and I have chipped away at a full sleeve, piece by piece. Healed and settled queen of hearts.Swellbo and Peony.Beautiful and decorative sternum tattoo.Eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs. Fresh 'Glitter Method' throat tattoo. Crocus and mandala 5+ years healed. Black circles are not my work. Darth Maul and cross sabers on melanated skin. Lotteria hands, 5+ years healed. Finger do dads not by me.Iconic fish/bulb, Mr. Sparkle, in my fancy glitter method. I love The Simpsons. "I am very disrespectful to dirt!"
SASara Antoinette Martin
Sara Antoinette Martin