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Colibri Tattoo

Next week


Sasha works at Colibri Tattoo at the Danforth location. She has almost 4 years of experience, and worked in Ukraine, Poland and Germany before moving to Canada,



Min. rate:200 CAD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Sasha's bold blackwork design features a fierce molotov cocktail set ablaze, symbolizing rebellion and defiance. Perfect for the upper arm!Get a timeless traditional swan design inked on your upper arm by the talented artist Sasha. Make a statement with this elegant and intricate piece.Express your love for pizza with this illustrative blackwork tattoo on your upper arm by Sasha.Beautiful illustrative bird tattoo by Sasha, designed for your lower leg with a traditional twist.Get a bold and unique blackwork snake design by Sasha on your upper arm. Elevate your tattoo game with this edgy and eye-catching piece.Experience the fierce beauty of a traditional tiger tattoo on your upper leg with Sasha's illustrative style.Traditional tattoo of Jesus with thorns and a cigarette on the upper arm, done by Sasha.Get a bold blackwork scorpion tattoo on your chest by the talented artist Sasha for a fierce and unique look.Capture attention with Sasha's intricate blackwork spider design on your forearm. Perfect for those who love bold tattoos.Get a stunning illustrative tattoo on your upper arm featuring a mix of snakes, butterflies, moths, spiders, hearts, patterns, women, and girls, designed by Sasha.Get inked with Sasha's bold blackwork design of a striking falcon, a symbol of strength and freedom.Unique blackwork design by Sasha featuring a spider, heart, ghost, and quote on upper leg.
Sasha's stunning blackwork and illustrative design depicting a powerful tiger on the upper leg. Make a statement with this fierce tattoo!This blackwork and illustrative tattoo features a fierce scorpion crawling on a woman's forearm. Designed by Sasha.Unique blend of lettering, flower, skull, hourglass, kewpie, and name illustration on forearm. A masterpiece by Sasha.Unique and striking tattoo featuring a blackwork flower, lettering, and illustrative design on the upper leg. Created by the talented artist Sasha.Bold blackwork illustration of a butterfly and moth by Sasha on the shin. Unique and intricate design.Get inked by Sasha with a unique blackwork design featuring a flower, ball, hand, number, and snooker motif on your forearm.Illustrative dragon design on shoulder by talented artist Sasha, featuring intricate fine line work.Experience the power and grace of a fierce tiger brought to life in stunning illustrative style by Sasha on your upper arm.Fine line and small lettering tattoo on upper arm, beautifully designed by Sasha.Get a unique fine line tattoo on your lower leg featuring a skull, horns, pentagram, and name by talented artist Sasha.Illustrative forearm tattoo by Sasha featuring a unique combination of floral, skeletal, and fan motifs.Sasha's illustrative design features a bold bee motif, perfect for those who love unique blackwork tattoos.