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Guest artist at Venom Camden!
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Unique blackwork tattoo on forearm featuring venomous snake design by Shasza.Beautifully detailed design by Shasza featuring a flower and a mask, perfect for lower leg placement.Get an iconic blackwork and illustrative tattoo of a monster from Evangelion on your lower leg by Shasza.Elegant, detailed pattern tattoo on the forearm by talented artist Shasza. A mesmerizing blend of fine lines and geometric shapes.Show your allegiance to the Empire with this bold and detailed Darth Vader blackwork tattoo by the talented artist Shasza.Get a striking illustrative blackwork bull tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist Shasza. Show off your strength and determination with this powerful design.Beautiful illustrative tattoo featuring a bird and feather motif on the chest, done by the talented artist Shasza.Unique blackwork design by Shasza, symbolizing the passage of time and beauty of life.Unique blackwork design of teeth by Shasza, creatively placed on upper arm for a bold statement.Get a striking blackwork tattoo of a skull on your forearm, done by Shasza for a bold and unique look.A bold blackwork Batman tattoo on the forearm, expertly done by artist Shasza. Show off your love for the caped crusader in style.Unique blackwork rabbit tattoo by Shasza, perfect for lower leg placement.
Impressive blackwork style tattoo featuring a cross, dr plague, and a hat by Shasza. A hauntingly beautiful piece for your chest.Unique blackwork tattoo featuring a flower entwined with a skull and nails, created by the talented artist Shasza.Unique blackwork tattoo featuring roman numerals and an inspiring quote, designed by Shasza in illustrative style.Illustrative design combining a fierce wolf and delicate flower, expertly inked by Shasza on the chest.Unique blackwork illustration by Shasza of a mystical Pokemon monster on the lower leg.Illustrative upper leg tattoo featuring a cross, hat, and the iconic Dr. Plague character, by Shasza.Get a striking blackwork tattoo depicting a woman and man on your forearm by the talented artist Shasza.This blackwork forearm tattoo by Shasza features a unique combination of a majestic goat and enchanting mermaid design.Get a stunning blackwork dog tattoo on your arm by the talented artist Shasza. Stand out with this unique design!Explore the intricate beauty of Shasza's blackwork illustrative design featuring a stunning butterfly and moth motif on the forearm.Explore the cosmos with this bold blackwork astronaut tattoo on your lower leg. Perfect for space enthusiasts! Artist: Shasza.Get a bold blackwork dino tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Shasza for a unique and eye-catching look.