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Shauna Mcdermott

Unity Creative Space

Next month


Custom freehand tattz 🤘🏽 @shaunsmactatts Message for more info



Hour rate:70 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Kookaburra!Freehand stormFreehand scorpionFreehand tenticle mouth 🐙 Freehand tarot for Ketk Freehand rose & ornamental design ✨Available concept Pisces fishies ♓️ A spider from my flash I made 💀 A leopard I made for Charlotte :)
Freehand skully neckpieceFreehand dragonA freehand piece I did :) Freehand leopard Work in progress Freehand Medusa A piece I did a while back 🕰 Freehand trippy smiley for Shay Thigh pieces I did last week!A piece I did a while ago now! Still love this one 💓Cwispy Freehand roses done today 🙏
SMShauna Mcdermott
Shauna Mcdermott