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Shaun Topper

Captured Tattoo

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I️ work at Captured Tattoo in Southern California. I️ travel to Tattoo frequently. I enjoy tattooing in all styles and always look forward to exploring new concepts. for all appt. inquiries.



Old School (Traditional)
Black & Gray
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Fun one from day two at SFO.Decapitated snake.    By me also known as @shauntopper Tiger-RBbit by @shauntopper Gorilla-kebab by Shaun Topper Ganesh by @shauntopper Skateboard wheel done at the bay area convention #shauntopper #tattoooftheday #skateordiePharaohs horses tattoo on the chest by Shaun Topper #pharaohshorses Dodo bird. Extinct but the memory lives on ✊🏼Moth tattoo on the leg #tattooofthedayTattoo by me, @shauntopper on the arm. Fun little crab in the ditch of the knee. #tattoooftheday #tattooartistmagazine #tattooartist Medusa. Done at @Captured_Tattoo.
Flash back to about a year ago on big G.Tiger mum hybrid :) Cheers! By Shaun Topper #ShaunTopper #partyon #friday #oldshcool #traditionalMermaid by @shauntopper Black and grey twoface. By @shauntopper #tattoooftheday #blackandgrey Classics on the feet :) Avocado tattoo by @shauntopper @tattoodoapp #tattoodoambassador Dragon in the gap. #tattoooftheday Waves to graves #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo Jesus shreds. Hellcat on the ankle/foot.
STShaun Topper
Shaun Topper