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Nika Shvets

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Nika is a tattoo artist specialising in delicate fineline designs. She creates a lot of floral work as well as other designs based on the natural world.
About the Artist

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Elegant fine line design by Nika Shvets, featuring intricate patterns and a beautiful floral motif.Bold blackwork forearm tattoo by Nika Shvets featuring a stunning mix of geometric dragon and flower motifs.Elegant blackwork and fine line tattoo featuring a stunning floral mandala design by the talented artist Nika Shvets.Experience Nika Shvets' fine line illustration of a mesmerizing geometric sun mandala on your shin. A unique tattoo that combines intricate patterns and symbolic sun motif.Beautiful blackwork tattoo on ribs by Nika Shvets featuring a snake and flower design.Fine line blackwork tattoo by Nika Shvets featuring a small lettering quote design with intricate geometric patterns.A stunning fine line and geometric mandala tattoo featuring a moon motif, created by the talented artist Nika Shvets. Perfect for the upper arm placement.Geometric and illustrative forearm tattoo featuring a mountain, elephant, and triangle motif, created by Nika Shvets.Ankle tattoo by Nika Shvets featuring a stunning phoenix design in fine line and geometric style.Elegant and intricate pattern tattoo on finger, combining fine lines, geometric shapes, and illustrative elements.Blackwork, fine line, geometric tattoo with sun, moon, tree, mandala, and more by Nika Shvets.A striking blackwork and fine line illustrative upper arm tattoo featuring a woman, tree, surf, goggles, and camping elements, by Nika Shvets.
Adorn your arm with this stunning blackwork, fine line tattoo by the talented Nika Shvets, featuring a intricate geometric mandala pattern.Blackwork peony flower tattoo on forearm by Nika Shvets, featuring intricate illustrative design.Experience the mystical beauty of a fine line blackwork moon and snake tattoo by the talented artist Nika Shvets.Elegant blackwork and fine line illustrative tattoo on upper leg by Nika Shvets, featuring a beautiful dragon and flower design.Elegant and detailed illustrative design by Nika Shvets, perfect for under boob placement. Show off your unique style!Elegantly detailed blackwork peony mandala tattoo by Nika Shvets on upper arm. Delicate and intricate design.Unique geometric mandala pattern by Nika Shvets, perfect for a modern and elegant look.Illustrative tattoo by Nika Shvets featuring intricate hamsa design and delicate fine line work on the forearm.Elegant flower and leaf design by tattoo artist Nika Shvets, combining fine line and illustrative styles.Beautiful flower design on upper leg by talented artist Nika Shvets. A unique piece of art that will stand out.Elegant blackwork and illustrative design by Nika Shvets featuring delicate flowers and fruit motifs on the ankle.Experience Nika Shvets' intricate blackwork design combining a snake, flower, and pattern mandala on your sleeve.
NSNika Shvets
Nika Shvets