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Hackney Tattoo Parlour

Next week


Misa, based in the vibrant districts of East London and Hackney, has etched his name in the UK tattoo community. Drawing from the depths of blackwork, the nuances of abstract, and the precision of fine-line styles, he crafts not just tattoos but personal narratives on skin. Each piece is a testament to his dedication, capturing the essence of his client's vision while showcasing his own distinctive artistry.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Detail of this abstract piece, had to work with a preexisting flower tattoo Little free hand tribal walk in more like this please 😁Free hand Dark Ornamental shoulder pieceSkullymoon Cherry bomb neck pieceFree hand Dark Ornamental shoulder pieceDark script back piece Free hand Dark Ornamental shoulder pieceA stunning black and gray eye tattoo by Misa, beautifully placed on the upper back.Freehand chrome flames Get inked with a beautiful black and gray heart and pattern tattoo expertly done by Misa on your lower leg. Stand out from the crowd with this unique design!Dark script back piece
Fine line black and gray tattoo design featuring a delicate heart pierced by a sword, created by artist Misa.Beautiful forearm tattoo featuring a realistic dog portrait with a personalized name, by the talented artist Misa.Experience the mesmerizing blend of blackwork and surrealism in this striking upper arm tattoo by Misa.Dices and roses surrealism Elegant fine line tattoo of dynamic fire and flames, beautifully crafted by talented artist Misa on the chest.Art nouveau inspired piece Free hand sacred heart to cover up old little tat Tulip Explore the dark beauty of this black and gray skull tattoo on your forearm by the talented artist Misa.Get a striking blackwork pattern tattoo on your hand done by Misa, an expert in intricate designs.Adorn your forearm with Misa's stunning black and gray floral masterpiece featuring delicate tulips.A unique upper arm tattoo featuring small lettering of a number and quote, designed by Misa.