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Tas Kal


2-3 months


Based in Manchester City center. ☺️


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a sleek black and gray tattoo of a iconic Pulp Fiction scene done by the talented artist Tas Kal.Get a stunning black and gray tattoo of a fierce doberman, expertly rendered by tattoo artist Tas Kal. Unique and eye-catching design.Experience the beauty of architecture with this stunning black and gray illustrative tattoo by Tas Kal.Beautiful flower design by Tas Kal, featuring delicate lines and intricate details. Perfect for those who appreciate minimalist elegance.Marvel at the beauty of this black-and-gray dotwork tattoo of a majestic orca by Tas Kal.Elegant and intricate butterfly design by Tas Kal, combining fine line and illustrative styles for a delicate look.Fine line tattoo with delicate small lettering by Tas Kal, perfect for a subtle and meaningful design.Get a sleek number 4 tattoo in red ink by renowned artist Tas Kal. Perfect for a subtle yet meaningful design.Elegant black & gray dotwork tattoo of an angelic statue, beautifully crafted by Tas Kal. A heavenly addition to your ink collection.Capture the spirit of the wild with this beautiful black and gray tattoo featuring a wolf and dog design by Tas Kal.Experience the fiery colors and intricate details of Tas Kal's micro realism tattoo featuring a pepper and chilli motif.Elegant fine line illustration of a minimalist airplane design by Tas Kal. Perfect for aviation enthusiasts.
Impressive black and gray illustrative scorpion design by the talented artist Tas KalExperience the wisdom of Athena in this fine line black and gray geometric masterpiece by Tas Kal.Black and gray zebra tattoo created by Tas Kal, featuring detailed illustration work.Elegant illustrative bird tattoo by Tas Kal, showcasing delicate details in black and gray ink.Stunning micro realism camera tattoo by Tas Kal, capturing every detail beautifully. Perfect for photography enthusiasts.Adorn your skin with a breathtaking floral fine line tattoo by the talented artist Tas Kal. Bring beauty and elegance to your body with this stunning design.Discover the beauty of fine line and small lettering with this stunning clover design by Tas Kal.Intricate dotwork design by Tas Kal featuring a realistic bee & delicate lilies of the valley. Perfect for nature lovers.Admire the simplicity of this fine line, illustrative tattoo of a woman's delicate heart, expertly designed by Tas Kal.Experience the delicate beauty of a black and gray illustrative moth tattoo by the talented artist Tas Kal. Perfect for those seeking a mystical and unique design.Adorn your skin with a fine line, illustrative rose tattoo expertly crafted by Tas Kal, showcasing the beauty of nature in a delicate design.Marvel at Tas Kal's intricate dotwork and fine line style depicting a mystical moon and busy bee in perfect harmony.
TKTas Kal
Tas Kal