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Colibri Tattoo

Next week


Marcos works at the High Park Colibri Tattoo location.



Min. rate:175 CAD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Unique blackwork tattoo featuring a snake and woman design, expertly done by Marcos on the upper arm.Unique forearm tattoo by Marcos featuring a beautiful blackwork design of a flower and heart. Perfect for those who appreciate detailed and artistic tattoos.A bold blackwork sword design intertwined with intricate patterns by Marcos on forearm.Intricate blackwork illustration on upper leg by Marcos featuring a stunning combination of a flower, mask, and pearls.Get a classic blackwork tattoo of a bird on your shoulder by the skilled artist Marcos. Embrace tradition with this timeless design.Stunning blackwork bird tattoo on forearm, expertly done by Marcos. The intricate design will surely captivate attention.Get a fierce and detailed blackwork tiger tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist Marcos. Stand out with this stunning design!Beautiful blackwork tattoo on the forearm, featuring a woman with wings. Created by the talented Marcos.Bold blackwork illustrative tattoo on upper leg featuring a snake piercing a girl by artist Marcos.Unique blackwork design by Marcos showcasing a moth and leaf illustration on the forearm.Get unique blackwork forearm tattoo by Marcos featuring a woman in a helmet design. Stand out with this bold and artistic piece.Explore the world with this fine line black and gray illustrative tattoo featuring a compass and map, personalized with your favorite country name. Perfect for upper arm placement.
Elegant and bold snake design on the arm, created with intricate blackwork technique by skilled artist Marcos.Experience the balance of justice and strength in this stunning upper arm tattoo by Marcos. Featuring a powerful woman holding a sword framed by intricate filigree.Elegant and detailed crown design on the forearm by the talented artist Marcos. Perfect for a touch of royalty in your style.Capture the graceful movement of a jellyfish with this blackwork design by Marcos. Perfect for those looking for a unique and bold neck piece.Beautiful upper arm tattoo by Marcos showcasing a detailed and realistic cat design in black and gray ink.Unique blackwork & fine line design by Marcos featuring moon, joker, card, scythe & man motifs on forearm.Elegant and detailed fine line bee tattoo on the forearm, created by the talented artist Marcos. Embrace nature's beauty with this stunning design.A striking blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a powerful mix of a flower, skull, woman, and crown. Designed by Marcos.Celebrate a special year with a stunning blackwork flower tattoo on your back, beautifully created by Marcos.Get ready for battle with this bold blackwork design featuring a fierce spartan warrior, helmet, and arrow by Marcos.Blackwork upper leg tattoo by Marcos featuring a beautiful flower, ship, and intricate rope design.Illustrative blackwork mask tattoo on forearm, expertly done by Marcos for a bold and mysterious look.