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Tattoo artist from Mesa Arizona specializing in black&grey and also custom lettering ! Book me for your next tattoo and you won’t be disappointed 🙏🏻


Black & Gray
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Knuckles !Blsck and grey rose 🙏🏻Jason mask 🙏🏻Healed dracula portrait 🙏🏻Freehand G from yesterday 🙏🏻 follow me on instragram @tattoo_beez Hand piece i made 🙏🏻 follow me on instagram @tattoo_beezFinished up this piece yeaterday 🙏🏻 hit me up for appojntments 🙏🏻Made this the other day 🙏🏻First session on this praying hands piece 🙏🏻Arizona flare for filler done by me 🙏🏻Sin miedo stomach piece i made 🙏🏻Custom letters i made a while back 🙏🏻
Add on to this dotwork sleeve 🙏🏻Start to a money rose 🙏🏻Healed clown portrait 🙏🏻First session on this gypsy piece 🙏🏻 follow me on instagram @tattoo_beez Another one by me 🙏🏻 follow me on instagram @tattoo_beezMade this hand piece last night 🙏🏻💀Piece i made a while back 🙏🏻Made this the other day 🙏🏻Freehand blessed done by me 🙏🏻Traditional piece i made the other day 🙏🏻Flowers and butterflies i made a while back 🙏🏻Micro jordan from today 🙏🏻