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Claudia Vicente

Sabbath Church Tattoo

Next month


Hello! I’m Claudia, I work in Manchester, UK I would love to chat about your ideas! 🖤



Hour rate:80 GBP
Min. rate:60 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

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Experience the intricate beauty of a mandala in this stunning geometric style tattoo, expertly crafted by artist Claudia Vicente.Get a unique illustrative tattoo of a snake and flower by renowned artist Claudia Vicente. Express your creativity and beauty with this stunning design.Unique illustrative tattoo featuring nitrogen element symbol from the chemical table, expertly done by Claudia Vicente.Get a stunning illustrative tattoo of praying hands by the talented artist Claudia Vicente. A meaningful design that will leave a lasting impression.A traditional Japanese tattoo of a frog and mushroom, expertly designed by Claudia Vicente with intricate details and vibrant colors.Discover the beauty of this dotwork tattoo by artist Claudia Vicente, featuring a detailed design of a lilly flower.Get inked by Claudia Vicente with this classic design featuring a swallow perched on a branch. Timeless and elegant.Experience the intricate beauty of this geometric, ornamental, and illustrative tattoo featuring a stunning flower mandala design by talented artist Claudia Vicente.Illustrative tattoo by Claudia Vicente featuring a stylized scarab beetle on a delicate branch, inspired by ancient Egyptian art.Elegant fine line and illustrative design featuring a beautiful flower and branch, expertly crafted by tattoo artist Claudia Vicente.Get inked with this bold and timeless illustrative snake design by the talented artist Claudia Vicente.Get a stunning illustrative Japanese fan tattoo done by talented artist, Claudia Vicente, capturing the beauty of traditional Japanese artistry.
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Claudia Vicente