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SYSam Yamini

Sam Yamini

Dedication Tattoo

Denver, CO


I am a multi disciplinary Artist living in Denver Colorado. With a primary focus in Japanese Tattooing, I Paint, Sculpt, and Blow Glass, allowing my visual vocabulary from tattooing to inform the majority of my work. I find that moving my creativity from medium to medium, and the unique challenges that each present, fulfilling. Growing up in southern New Mexico, Skateboarding and HipHop, lead to Graffiti and an anti-establishment mindset. Followed by a departure from formal education in graphic design, I started making Glass pipes and Tattooing. I have been a self determining Artist ever since, and am constantly humbled and amazed by the life I’ve been lucky enough to live. I can be found Wednesday-saturday at Dedication Tattoo: 303-733-0315 Directly, through Or on instagram @therealsamyamini Thank you for your support!



Japanese (Irezumi)


Hour rate:180 USD
Min. rate:100 USD
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SYSam Yamini
Sam Yamini