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Nathan Cairns

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Nathan Robert Cairns was born in Christchurch Women's Hospital in New Zealand on the 14th of October in the year 1993. He is the oldest of five, and was raised mostly in the suburb of New Brighton. At the age of fourteen he developed an appreciation for body modification and art, and at the age of sixteen, got his first tattoo in his very own living room, done by a close friend at the time named Nick Jones (who had only tattood one other person and himself at this point). Later, Nathan decided to work on getting this tattoo covered up with something more professional and sentimental, the cover up remains unfinished and was done by an artist named Brock Fidow, somebody Nathan knew personally from his involvement in the Christchurch Hardcore Metal Music Scene. He currently only has three tattoos, one small one on his wrist that was designed by himself, and one that takes up the majority of his left forearm, and the remains of his first tattoo along with the cover up on his upper arm.

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Something similar to this with a lion instead of a bear would be awesome to complete my left arm halfsleeve, how about it Ami James?! #amijames #competition #ifiwillwintheamijamescompetition "Bear with me for a moment" drawing I did today"Hash Bandicoot" simple template i drew for a tattoo idea my friend Vaughn had. A tattoo both me, my mother and one of my younger brothers have. It says "OHANA" and anybody who has seen the movie Lilo and Stitch instantly knows what this means. For those who don't, I recite the saying.. "Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind.. Or forgotten."Suited-up stuffed rabbit holding a gem in the heart shaped hands of time, in dedication to the memory of Ryan O'Connell.
"The Joker" portrait i drew the other dayThis was suppose to be a portrait of Hugh Jackman but im not so good with portraits so its not proportionally correct. Regardless, it doesn't look too bad.Deer in the headlightsToday i drew a mouse in a suit!
NCNathan Cairns
Nathan Cairns