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The Awoken Lich

The Old Stables Tattoo Studio

Next month


Hey, I’m Aneae. I like to draw animals, pets, plants, all things organic, creepy and macabre. Hit me up if that’s your vibe- I don’t bite, I promise!



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:120 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Flash dark illustrative heron with snakeCustom illustrative decaying raccoon with red mushrooms on inner armIllustrative  Ink brush kami wolf with red sun on armCustom microrealism pet portraitCustom microrealism rhinos on thigh Illustrative ink brush Fox and red carnation on ribs Flash Illustrative Ink brush lion on the ribsCat with red spider lilies on arm and black work haloCustom dark illustrative staked rat gap filler on wrist Custom decaying torn hare demon dark illustrative on shinCustom dark illustrative snake on the forearmCustom Illustrative Ink brush leaping hare and red florals on the thigh
Custom pet portrait on armCoverup Illustrative Ink brush moth on the arm Flash Illustrative dark Ink brush sparrow on the thighCustom Illustrative Ink brush fox with red spider lilies Illustrative Custom two headed calf with red sun on legFlash Illustrative Ink brush deaths head moth on the tricepFlash dark illustrative skull and rat demons on the shoulderCustom bluebell branch microrealism on ribsCustom Illustrative Ink brush jellyfish on collarboneCustom dark organic linework spider on hipCustom Illustrative Ink brush hare with rosemary on the bicepIllustrative Ink brush style dragon and blue moon on arm
TAThe Awoken Lich
The Awoken Lich