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Tom Boxell

The Old Stables Tattoo Studio

Next month


With 8 to 9 years of dedicated experience, Tom has honed his craft and takes pride in bringing his clients’ tattoo dreams to life. Tattooing is not just a job for him; it’s a passion that fuels his creativity and brings joy to both himself and his clients.


Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

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Elegant fine line and illustrative tattoo by artist Tom Boxell, featuring a delicate butterfly and intricate flower design.Tom Boxell beautifully captures the angelic essence of a cherub in this stunning black and gray realism tattoo.Get lost in the intricate details of this illustrative piece by Tom Boxell, featuring a dreamcatcher, moon, and delicate flowers.Discover the beauty of love and identity with this illustrative tattoo by Tom Boxell, showcasing a heart intertwined with a fingerprint design.Admire the intricate details of this fine_line, illustrative butterfly tattoo created by the talented artist Tom Boxell.Graceful lady transformed into a swan in stunning realism by artist Tom Boxell.Get a stunning tree tattoo by renowned artist Tom Boxell, featuring intricate details and delicate linework.Adorn your skin with a delicate lily flower in fine line style by Tom Boxell, adding a touch of sophistication to your body art.Tom Boxell's black and gray illustrative masterpiece captures the grace and beauty of a swallow bird in this stunning tattoo design.Unique and personalized illustrative tattoo design by Tom Boxell featuring a heart and fingerprint motif.Experience unparalleled devotion with this breathtaking black and gray religious tattoo by acclaimed artist Tom Boxell.Captivating illustrative tattoo featuring a genie emerging from a magical lamp, expertly designed by Tom Boxell.
Elegant fine line tattoo with small lettering done by the talented artist Tom Boxell. Perfect for those seeking a subtle and stylish design.Experience the power of the eagle with this stunning black and gray realism tattoo by Tom Boxell. Perfect for nature lovers and animal enthusiasts.This illustrative tattoo features a stunning geometric design of a bee, expertly rendered in fine line style by the talented artist Tom Boxell.Featuring a beautiful butterfly intertwined with a delicate flower, this tattoo by Tom Boxell showcases stunning floral and illustrative elements.Tom Boxell creates an illustrative masterpiece with detailed shading and intricate lines in this stunning fish tattoo.Intricate black and gray tattoo by Tom Boxell featuring a realistic clock and stairway design, symbolizing the eternal journey of time.Intricate black and gray illustrative tattoo of a skull with a watch and clock elements by artist Tom Boxell. Timeless and mysterious design.A dainty and intricate fine line floral tattoo featuring a lavender sprig design by Tom Boxell.Admire the intricate details of this stunning black and gray turtle tattoo by Tom Boxell. Dive into the world of realism.Navigate through life's journey with this intricate compass, map, and rope design. Expertly crafted in black ink by renowned tattoo artist Tom Boxell.Experience the valor and bravery of a knight on a crusade in this stunning black and gray realism tattoo by artist Tom Boxell.Get lost in the melody with this striking black and gray trumpet tattoo by Tom Boxell. Perfect for music lovers.
TBTom Boxell
Tom Boxell