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Tracy Marie

Two Sparrows Tattoo Co.

Next month


Started tattooing Jan 2018.



Black & Gray


Hour rate:150 USD
Min. rate:500 USD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

God has a plan for you... And you're fucking it up!.Color realism, vintage flowers with black and gray forkDeadpool Chibi Cute "Alkaline Trio" "Big Wax" TattooMandala Lotus Zen Gem Symmetry TattooJaguar Color Realism Tattoo Yin and YangHarley Davidson Lace Ribbon Gem TattooNeo Traditional Kissing Skeletons Sunflower TattooBuddha Lotus Wildflowers Neo Traditional Zen TattooRealistic Portrait Gem Heart TattooRealistic Black and Gray Owl Carnations TattooLeonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" Renaissance TattooSkull, Gem, Beads, Flower Tattoo Neo-tradionalGreyscale Galaxy Planets Tattoo Arm Wrap
Botanical half sleeveVintage Color Realistic Flowers Rose and Lavender TattooSuperman Patch Sewing Thread Realistic TattooRealistic Black and Gray Horse TattooAnubis Inpu Egyptian "God of Death" Geometric Gem Scarab Beetle TattooRealistic Color Vintage Wild Flower's TattooRealistic Black and Gray Dog Portrait TattooWatercolor Harry Potter Patronus TattooWatercolor Script TattooStargazer Tigerlily Cover-up TattooTiny Flower Stages Tattoo
TMTracy Marie
Tracy Marie