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TNTroy Nelson

Troy Nelson


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Hello my name is Troy , I am the Owner/ artist at Ronin Tattoo Studio ( 630-585-7011 ) I am located in Aurora , Illinois. I’ve been tattooing for 20 years pretty much diverse in every style of tattooing. Started out my career during the New School years , adapted my style to be able to accommodate any style of tattooing. Check out my work and let’s create some Awesome Tattoos



Old School (Traditional)
Dark Art
New School


Hour rate:120 USD
Min. rate:80 USD
About the Artist

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First session triple cover upScar tissue cover up Alyssa’s 2nd tattoo on her ribsCowboy tattoo on CoreyWatercolor tattoo Sunflowers In progress Wizard of Oz on Courtney Secon session on this cover up sleeve . Top rose was the first cover up Bubblegummy unicorn on JoriSome scriptDrew got thos butterfly , Done from a Ron English paintingSunflower eye
Music gnome on Jess Finished up Jess’s gnomeAnimated version of Alex’s Great Danes Watercolor sunflower Watercolor JellyfishSnow white pinup done on Dan Bold bright Japanese dragon sleeveStarted on this wizard of oz leg piece on CourtneyCarlee got this rose
TNTroy Nelson
Troy Nelson