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VYVika Y

Vika Y


Next week


Tattoo artist from St. Petersburg. Now live and work in Tbilisi. Love pagan style, engrave, ornamental. Have my own black forest full of strange animals and persons. You can choose who will staying with you



Black & Gray
Dark Art


Hour rate:150 GEL
Min. rate:250 GEL
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

This is Mr. Trilobite from Ernst Haeckel sketches again. He loves travel and craft beer so much)The japan cat for the boy from China)Little fig for the traveller from Germany. Flowers for beauty lady from MinskMy personal symbol what i tattoo on some people. Number of eyes can be differentSuckysnail Yakutian sun. After long dark winter there is so nice and long-awaited for people of north. Dream bird from the Dark Forest
This is not Adjaruli from Georgian cuisine and not the strange spaceship. This is Heliodiscus Phacodiscus, radiolaria from Ernst Haeckel sketches. Love his works so much. He was a good artist and sciencist. My lovely pagan style. This is the deer from my Dark forest. And now it is aliveSometimes anybody should remind us...Yourself?It means "Life" on GeorgianHealed radiolaria. Art by Ernst HaeckelMr. Ptero for youStrange and available animalsWork for one graphic designer from Switzerland by his sketch
VYVika Y
Vika Y