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Viví Bogdanov

Sacred Gold Tattoo

Next week


Vivi is a skilled tattoo artist renowned for her exquisite ornamental and dotwork designs. Her work is characterized by delicate detailing and a minimalist approach, resulting in beautifully crafted tattoos that make a statement. With a presence in four distinct studios across the UK, Vivi is a versatile artist offering her unique talents to a wide range of clients.



Hour rate:1 GBP
Min. rate:130 GBP
About the Artist

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Discover the intricate beauty of Viví Bogdanov's ornamental dotwork pattern tattoo on the chest. A masterpiece of precision and creativity.Experience the mesmerizing beauty of dotwork moon and ornamental pattern tattoo by Viví Bogdanov on your sternum. Bring a touch of mystique to your body art.
VBViví Bogdanov
Viví Bogdanov