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TMTabby Matlock

Tabby Matlock

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Born and raised in Fort Worth Texas I started picking up on tattooing whenever I was 12 and 13, and have always been obsessively fascinated with the way that the artwork went on the skin and branched off on my own ,time and time again regardless of what anybody thought about it. I was tattooing and piercing myself and anybody else who was willing to let me. I'm now 26 years old and practice at a small but world known shop called PSYCHO CLOWN TATTOO and i am always learning new ways to perfect my techniques. hit me up because id love to create some art for you knowledge.



Black & Gray
Dark Art
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MothIt healed nicely 😁Touch up #1I really dig this dude.. Reminds me of the Donny darko rabbit.. More sketches from the center of my boredom..... Yoshi!!! And pikachu....69My little sisters cherry pop.. And her 21st bday gift from yours truly .... Ignore the zitMy first shop tattoo lol
My newest beginning🤘😉 Bettie pageScott n TabzSquirmer.....Cover up yup...Gotta love short bed chevysI drew this when I was at hobby.More sketches.. This one's pen, marker, and Fuckin white out...Sketch of rat finkI did this when I was 13 yrs old with a "machine" I had crafted from an electric toothbrush and 12v power pack
TMTabby Matlock
Tabby Matlock