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Xenia Aarts

INCK Tattoos

Next month


Artist working at INCK Tattoos Culemborg. Love to do neotraditional colour pieces :)


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Neo cow in space :)Oldschool swallow on wristSketchy crow thigh piece! HealedTiny linework and watercolour tattooWatercolour dragon fly, healed :)Tiny neo flower on the foot :)Neotraditional deer
Owl with skull on inside of the upper arm Oldschool panther on the lower arm :)Oldschool razor blade tattoo :)Sketchy wolf head , healedWatercolour flower cover up for a ex’s name :xBlack and grey neo :)Neotraditional black and grey reaperNeotraditional birdie!
XAXenia Aarts
Xenia Aarts