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Punktured Tattoo Surfers Paradise

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📧 French tattoo artist on the Gold coast, Australia. I do tattoo black and grey realistic such as portrait, skulls, animals, flowers, custom lettering..... I am in the tattoo industry since 2006. but I've only start tattooing in 2013 with the tattoo family "KSF" (king star familly) in Bangkok, Thailand. And later with the "Blackmarket tattoo collective", "Surf n ink", "punktured" in Gold coast, Australia. Currently working at the "punktured tattoo studios" in Gold coast, Australia. I never stop learning and always enjoy challenges. ⚜ 8 years experience of tattooing. 📧



Black & Gray
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Dove Memorial tattoo done with the fantom bishop rotaryBlack and grey realistic tattoo rose Black and grey realistic tattoo rose.Black and grey realistic tattoos, clock and roses half-sleeve.Robert de niro tattoo portrait (GOODFELLAS) black and grey realistic tattoo.Robert de niro tattoo portrait (GOODFELLAS) black and grey realistic.Tattoo vs stencil, black and grey realistic tattoo. Day of the dead girl.Black and grey realistic Brooklyn bridge. Black and grey realism skull and clock on handBlack and grey Mexican style tattoo, the day of the dead.
Black and grey realistic tattoo portraits Black and grey realistic tattoo rose and clock.Full sleeve black and grey realistic tattoos, theme based on paris suburbs, monuments, architecture....Me and myself focus as alwaysBlack castle tattoo with mandala, dark theme tattoos.Mix of different black and grey realistic tattoo portraits.Black and grey realistic mexican style tattoo. Stencil and tattoo.Black and grey realism mexican style tattoo portrait.Black and grey super realistic Leopard tattoo.