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LSLandon Shafer

Landon Shafer

Branch Out Studios



I've been a professional tattooer since 2012. I've worked in 3 different states and been around the industry enough to see what's good and what's not so good which is why I've come to build a custom upscale shop that addressees some of the things the industry seems to lack. Branch Out Studios is located in Brighton, Co. and our focus is more attentive to a quality level customer service and comfort experience when you're doing something so significant as getting something permanent. We are driven to make the atmosphere as relaxing and harmonious as possible not only for the clients but for our artists to inspire creativity and good morale. We believe focusing more on the people in our lives makes us better people, makes better connections and relationships along with the high quality material services we offer. Branch Out Studios is truly a one of a kind place to be and we have no doubt you'll love your experience with us.



Trash Polka Style
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Fun little mermaid thigh piece I did.
LSLandon Shafer
Landon Shafer