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ZWZakory Weinley

Zakory Weinley

Living Canvas Tattoo Studio

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Tattoos are my passion! 4 yrs laying ink, 1yr ago started back up again. I work out of my house, I have a dedicated room for my studio. Everything i use is new and sterile. I do have a wavier of consent for you to read and sign. I will tattoo minor with proper documents provided according to state guidelines. Every Artist has there own style, No one is the same. Color is my Speciality, New school, Old school, art is art show me what you got. I can host/hold tattoo parties, inquier for more info. I will travel for an additonal fee. I do hold Special event pick or random flash sheets monthly. I do have gift certificates available. Feel free to contact me with any request & question you may have text or call. 316-461-7546 ***Contest 4 Free Ink**** I will be holding a contest 4 best artwork of a random category. Each month a I will pick a Catagory of art. Entries will be submitted by the 15th of each month. I will announce winner via Snapchat and text. 1 submission will get you 20% off. Winner each month will be able to have their drawing tattooed on them for free. Contest Catagory will be posted on Snapchat 1st of every month. ***Rules*** 1. Submit First & Last name with picture of art to my number listed. (316) 461-7546. 2. Follow on Snapchat @anonymous_y2k 3. Have fun. Best of luck. Thank you. Tattoos are the only thing you choose to take with you to the grave. Having tattoos does not make you a delinquent or a thug... it’s art! Art is about self expression and creativity. Some people hang their art. We Wear Ours! #Support Tattoo Artist



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Finished some shading. Going to return and hit it with some dark colors! First session. Update with colorSession 2Little bit of shading on the cover up roseSession #1 Dog & Cat quote2x2 ufoStay Trippy
Coming back with some dark color. will be adding to this leg Canvas soon.Did some more work to this one. 1 or 2 more session and it will be completed. Session 3Session 2Filled this tattoo with some color. Space ship #SemiColon #prevention #SuicideAwareness Session #1Momma Adventure awaitsEst. 1999
ZWZakory Weinley
Zakory Weinley