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Hansol Jung

Supreme Karma Tattoo and Piercing - Camden

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Introducing Hansol Jung, London's eminent tattoo artist with a mastery in Japanese tattooing traditions. His unparalleled skill and deep understanding of this ancient art form make every piece he crafts a true reflection of Japan's rich tattoo heritage, blending both authenticity and contemporary fl



Hour rate:80 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

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Experience the mystical allure of a Japanese snake tattoo on your upper leg by renowned artist Hansol Jung.japanese dragonjapanese snakeImpressive dragon sleeve tattoo by artist Hansol Jung, inspired by traditional Japanese art style.snake tattooImmerse yourself in the world of the samurai with this Japanese-inspired tattoo by Hansol Jung. Featuring a majestic sword, this piece embodies strength and honor.Unique Japanese chest tattoo featuring a mystical snake and Hannya mask design, expertly crafted by tattoo artist Hansol Jung.Experience the power and mystique of a traditional Japanese dragon tattoo by renowned artist Hansol Jung.Unique kanji design by Hansol Jung in bold blackwork style, perfect for the forearm.A stunning Japanese tattoo of the god of thunder Raijin and god of wind Fujin, beautifully executed by artist Hansol Jung on the upper leg.Get a bold and stylish kanji lettering tattoo by Hansol Jung showcasing intricate blackwork design on your forearm.Get bold blackwork lettering of kanji characters on your forearm by artist Hansol Jung. Simple yet impactful design.
Experience the power and grace of a Japanese tiger and dragon in this stunning black and gray masterpiece by Hansol Jung.Experience the power and beauty of traditional Japanese art with this stunning dragon tattoo by Hansol Jung.Epic dragon design by Hansol Jung, perfect for bold statement piece on your upper arm. Embrace the power of the mythical creature with intricate Japanese style.Intricately detailed back tattoo by Hansol Jung featuring a fierce tiger and mystical dragon inspired by Japanese art.dragon tiger tattooPowerful and traditional Japanese back tattoo featuring a fierce dragon and sword design, created by renowned artist Hansol Jung.A stunning Japanese tattoo on the upper leg by artist Hansol Jung, featuring a graceful koi fish swimming among vibrant maple leaves.Experience the elegance of Japanese artistry with this captivating chest tattoo by the talented artist Hansol Jung. Embrace the symbolism of the snake and flower motifs intertwined in perfect harmony.Immerse yourself in the mystical world of Japanese folklore with this striking red dragon tattoo by Hansol Jung.Experience the fierce beauty of a traditional Japanese tiger tattoo on your upper leg by the talented artist Hansol Jung.Get a vibrant new school tattoo on your upper arm featuring a heart and waves, expertly done by Hansol Jung.geometric tattoo
HJHansol Jung
Hansol Jung