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NBNate Burns
Nate Burns

“Gandalf versus the Balrog.” Two days of #lordoftherings fun on Brady of British Columbia. You sat as if you were made of mithril. Thanks so much for making the trip! Always a pleasure to see you. Made at @americancrowtattoo.


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“Spoken in a forgotten tongue.” The Witch King of Angmar for the talented @murphyillustration. Always a rad time doing #lordoftherings pieces. Thanks for making the trip from Massachusetts! Made at @americancrowtattoo ⛓#columbustattooers #lordoftheringstattoo #lordoftherings #fantasytattoo
“I can hear the voices singing in the temple bells.” Thank you, Rachel, it was a pleasure making this #lilith for you. Made at @americancrowtattoo #cultoflilith #somesortofvampyr
“Listen closely to the whispering among the stalks...” Thank you for making the trip from Philly, Nick. Always great to see you. Made at @americancrowtattoo 🍂 #columbustattooers #btattooing #horrortattoo #scarecrow
“Orcrist - the Goblin Cleaver.” Thank you, Rae, for trusting me with this fun little #lordoftherings jammer. Made at @americancrowtattoo 🗡