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KNKasper Nielsen
Kasper Nielsen
Some of my own designs. Did it 2 years ago

Some of my own designs. Did it 2 years ago


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Fully healed sleeve i did 3 years agoOne of my own designs which I enjoyed tattooing even more than I loved designing it!A tattoo nestor_ace did 4 years ago. #tattoos #tattooed #tatted Added some white to this I done over 3 years ago!! #greywash #blackandgreytattoo Dali portrait from 4 years ago.Healed piece I've done some years ago! ...and I still love it! Done @royaltattoodk with ink and needles💥 #royaltattoodk #deathodeath #deathtattoo #ripper #youwilldiesomeday
Fully healed sleeve. Some years old. Fully helaed sleeve i did 2 years agoDid this one 8 years ago. or 6264560223 to book Love it when people ask for one of my pre-drawn designs :)Healed done around 4 years agoI love doing small tattoos. Small details and shit!