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VIVero Imbo
Vero Imbo
@coreytaylor @slipknot . Half fresh / half healed .
Done at @thelacemakerssweatshop #london . ——— @fkirons @worldfamousink @dermalizepro @tattoodo @lovelesstattoo

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Done at @thelacemakerssweatshop in London . ———- @fkirons @worldfamousink @dermalizepro @tattoodo @lovelesstattoo#CoreyTaylor #slipknot
Started this one at @nixtattooshow last month , half healed / half fresh . Portrait of the amazing @angela_mazzanti —— done with @fkirons @worldfamousink @dermalizepro @tattoodo at @lovelesstattooHalf healed half fresh ‘OBEY’