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KLKen Lightcap
Ken Lightcap
Beautiful Butterly I did in memory of my client’s grandmother.

Beautiful Butterly I did in memory of my client’s grandmother.


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Colorful tattoo in women´s bodyArtichoke I did a while ago.#artichoketattoo #graphictattoo #amsterdamtattoo #tattooamsterdam #tattoo #inked #tattoohysteriaamsterdamI’ve never dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist it just happened. I wanted to be an architect like my father but i was too lazy to go school or work for something back in the day. Also i wanted to be a rockstar/firefighter/sportstar/007 agent and many many things but ended up being a tattoo artist which i enjoy every single day. Hope you have a great weekend (in this shitty weather). Here is a piece that i did couple of days ago to a lovely client. Thank you Caitlyn 🙌..@radtattoos @tattrx @equilattera @inkstinctcolors @thinkbeforeuink @inkedmag @thebesttattooartists @fkirons @worldfamousink @intenzetattooink @tattoodo ...#fkirons #watercolor #watercolortattoo #watercolour #watercolourtattoo #watercolortattoos #tattoo #tattoos #tattooed #colortattoo #abstract #abstracttattoo #sketchtattoo #sketchytattoo #neowatercolor #barisyesilbas #geometric #space #arrow #galaxy + Phoenix Tattoo +Done to match the phoenix tattoo I did for her father - very cool family momentIn memory of my GrandmotherThe client wanted 2 roses with geometric shapes combined with mandala
Here’s a great filler I did last year to complete a Kali sleeve.  I will add very soon the rest of the sleeve.  Intricacy in moderation makes a beautiful Buddha tattoo. Love the patterns in this half-sleeve tattoo! #buddha after my client hit the rock bottom found out that the best thing to do is to stand again and break out the old patterns and rise as a new strong person, and that what he actually did “what did not kill you , it will make you stronger”Thank you Gino in your trust in your first and life changing tattoo 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️ I couldn’t be more proud with your transformation 💪🏼🙏🏽 #graphicrattoo #wolftattoo #werewolftransformation #werewolftattoo #lifechangingtattoo #transformation #empowringtattoo #amsterdamtattoo #hossam_hysteria #tattoohysteriaamsterdam #tattoohysteriaIn memory of my grandmotherBongostyle Maa Durga slaying Mahishasur ( buffalo demon) #bongostyletattoo is a custom tailored tattoo style that i have been developing for the past few years.the design style is a melting pot of influences and inspirations from various East Indian (mainly West Bengal and neighboring states) folk art and some contemporary artforms.the subject matter ranges from story telling to purely ornamental.i try to showcase either CONFLICT or COEXISTENCE in my designs , often taking inspiration from  events described in various mythological scriptures and verses and stories that i have grown up hearing.This particular backpiece is a special one because as a Bengali , Maa Durga and her image in form of giant 30 foot clay idols to late great Jamini Roy s paintings , has been a constant source of power and inspiration , even to a lifelong atheist like myself, for Durga is not a goddess for us , she is one of us, part of the family , a culmination of everything that is good in us and everything Possibly in memory of my grandmother