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DLDaze Lee
Daze Lee
Retro scramble in the Globe of Death. Trying to expand my art style into various subject matter.

Retro scramble in the Globe of Death. Trying to expand my art style into various subject matter.


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Biomech Queen sleeve in progress. This is my favorite style and subject matter to work with. Classic Miami style car retro futurism Bongostyle Maa Durga slaying Mahishasur ( buffalo demon) #bongostyletattoo is a custom tailored tattoo style that i have been developing for the past few years.the design style is a melting pot of influences and inspirations from various East Indian (mainly West Bengal and neighboring states) folk art and some contemporary artforms.the subject matter ranges from story telling to purely ornamental.i try to showcase either CONFLICT or COEXISTENCE in my designs , often taking inspiration from  events described in various mythological scriptures and verses and stories that i have grown up hearing.This particular backpiece is a special one because as a Bengali , Maa Durga and her image in form of giant 30 foot clay idols to late great Jamini Roy s paintings , has been a constant source of power and inspiration , even to a lifelong atheist like myself, for Durga is not a goddess for us , she is one of us, part of the family , a culmination of everything that is good in us and everything Night view of Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong, in the snow globe. #snowglobe #landscapetattoo #amsterdamtattoo #scenerytattoo #neotraditionaltattoo◾️the angel of death◾️
It’s a wrap for this detail warhammer piece.Finish off with the red and grayish smoke, chains, UV green eye and lotta white lines.An interesting request and freedom to recreate Khârn the Betrayer from Warhammer 40k.Trying my best to capture as many details as possible for its intriguing armor and accessories in the pose that best suit for body placement as a tattoo emphasizing its heavy Chainaxe. My first #colorrealismtattoo of hilda the retro #pinupgirl on the forearm#colortattoos Grim reaper inscribing names into his book of death. The mouth of death. Thanks Kevin! Ironman in my chibi style 💖