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JHJordan H
Jordan H
All this time later and I still love it.

All this time later and I still love it.


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This is the style I love doing and I enjoy the most. 
Freehand on fingers.
I love it.This is my first tattoo and I still love it #bluejayThis was my first and I still love it after 4 years!The tattoo I did 2 years ago on my good friend @jeosmphoto amazing photographer!! Still, I love it!! #Wienerdog #dog Big or small, I do it all #scorpionLove this one since first time I saw It.Found this and I love it
My first tattoo. Took forever to get, and i still love it this many years later.A piece I did a while ago now! Still love this one 💓Healed piece I've done some years ago! ...and I still love it! Done @royaltattoodk with ink and needles💥 #royaltattoodk #deathodeath #deathtattoo #ripper #youwilldiesomedayAnother of my own. (Will tag shop and artist later)I drew this on and tattooed it in one sitting.