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#firsttattoo that I got and it was for charity! And now that I have one I need more 😍

#firsttattoo that I got and it was for charity! And now that I have one I need more 😍


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I have wanted this one since I was 16 and got it once I was 18A skate deck I that I painted a while back My 1st one, and it's one that even though I can't see it myself, I really need it fixed.β€œI went on a 14 day silent retreat and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.Towards the end of the two weeks I had what I think I can only describe as an out of body experience during the 4am session. I felt an overwhelming bubble of sadness and guilt literally rise within me but it wasn’t mine I was just experiencing it for someone else, I opened my eyes in floods of soundless tears that also felt not mine.I forgave my mum there and then, and it felt natural that I would stand by her no matter what, no more distancing myself, no more pushing her to get help, I would just be there unconditionally.When I left and came back home my mum told me she had something to tell me. She’d woken up really early in the morning (around 4am) and she said it was then clear what she had to do and why she had to do it.I believe I felt what my mum was feeling. I still don’t know what my mum actually felt that morning but it gave her the power and motivation to change her life.”Afew more week i got that One of my own designs which I enjoyed tattooing even more than I loved designing it!
The one that i need fixedGot this for my grandma that passed and i love it I drew this on and tattooed it in one sitting. This is one that my sister and I have matching.The first ornamental backpiece that I closed!Cat paws, one for every cat I have had, need to do three more for the ones I have now 🐱