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VHVeer Hegde
Veer Hegde

Galvanised Autobiography the story of this interesting girl captured poetically in skin (*), a beautiful memoir of strength, peace, protection, freedom, inspiration, overcoming challenges and fear. as a kid she enjoyed very much, climbing up a particular mango tree at her grandma’s. even though her friends teased her, she found true solace up there on its branches. deep in her mind ever since, she begun associating the tree with strength and inner peace. being very close to grandma and having fond memories off her, she associates her with being a protective spirit. every single day grandma cast a kolam pattern, at the porch outside her entrance. freedom she only truly felt for the first time on her bike which she got on her 18th birthday. there’s so much of the truth that has been revealed yet much that will never have a special meaning to anyone else. a work in progress! evolving every moment. with every thought, with every idea, with every memory! such is life... a very intimate journey! beautiful isn’t it? * = “alchemic tattoo by veer hegde” #tattoobangalore #besttattooartistbangalore #kolamtattoo #spiderman #cats #cattattoo #cat #tree #mandala #mandalatattoo #geometric #dotwork #dotworktattoo