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🌻 girassolzinho, chama no whats 011946156878.

🌻 girassolzinho, chama no whats 011946156878.


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Chama no WhatsApp 011 946156878Do we have free will?Are you sure that the decisions taken by you are so independent and so independent? How do you know that the future is not predetermined, and that there really were alternatives to the choice? Could we make any other choice at all, given the environmental conditions - the situation, the environment, people, genetics? Has your choice been made at the time of the big bang, and everything is just developing according to the set scenario, and the future is only one, and there are no alternative ones? What if we are just agents of the program that executes the code, and the blue and red pill is just an illusion of a choice that has already been made for us? #Anna #PomDeterminism #handpoketattoo #handpoke #stickandpoke #cyberpunk #cyber #surrealism #linework #dotwork #strange #weird #unique #philosophy
Chama no WhatsApp 011 946156878Tatuagem autoral criada com inspiração do signo chinês!Para orçamentos me chama no insta @jessicahuang.artAtendo em SP, estúdio privado próximo ao metrô São Bento! Também atendo em Sumaré (Campinas)