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Who knows the meaning of this one?

Who knows the meaning of this one?


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THE ONE WHO KNOWSThis is one of my favorites because the meaning.This one is a joke that I have with some one who is out of our group knows what the initials "TL" meansWho knows how to do this Hmuu ! 😎😊Special meaning for this one
Who knows this anime?Alexander the man who knowsSomebody knows who did this amazing tattoo?"Feel the Power of the BMW"-One of my regular clients who never enough-To be continued...-#тату #бмв #trigram #tattoo #BMW #inkedsense Does anyone knows what's the name of this font?Experience the striking impact of blackwork with this blackout tattoo by talented artist DVA. Embrace the power of minimalism with this one-of-a-kind design.I'm looking for the tattoo artist. Anyone who knows?