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Ricardo Van 't Hof
How the hell do i get all this stuff in one photo. The best I could do

How the hell do i get all this stuff in one photo. The best I could do


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Did one of my designs on a guy with the same name as myself. I like the fun in that. The cutest face and the sweetest tribute to a friend. I could stare at this one all day and I had the best time tattooing it!
Took the photo at a funny angle so got a bit of a warp on it. WARP SLOTH.Would LOVE to do this one! Cowboy ‘Mickey’ Burgess Meredith from the Rocky movies, best pic could get as mucho wrappy.Was so nearly done with this one, maybe the gods will smile on us all and we’re back to being paid to hurt people on April 12th, just hope I can remember how to do it, in the meantime I’m gonna wander round B & Q looking at power tools, imagining...All the fur texture in this pair of wolves
That was one big elephant that marched out of the studio that day. I am bird person (please tell me you get the reference!?) 
I do love doing bird tattoos!I really love to do this kind of project -the hand that feeds- #freehandtattoo done in Firenze Always a favorite, I could do skulls everyday.#skull #skulltattoo #realism #realistictattoo #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo #guyswithtattoos #knoxville #knoxvilletattooThis work i did in 2015 loved do this with this details, #bng #bnginksociety #bngtattoo #thebestbngtattooartist #blackandgreyrealism #realismtattoo #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo Always love doing lettering.  Fun when I get to do them.  #lettering #blkgry #blackandgrey