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NFNik Firestarter
Nik Firestarter
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"I swallowed the dice; I make my own luck now." A line from "Fighting Fish" by @dessa. I hand-poked this on myself; it took nearly 6 hrs to do bc tattooing by hand without a machine, one dot at a time, is a B. πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ This was my 2nd go at hand poke technique. I'd love to play around w/ it more, especially now that I have a fancy grip tool for it. I know it's silly doing a horizontal design on a vertical part of my body & hand poking geometric shapes, hahaha. For some reason, though, this is just what I envisioned for this piece. You know, obviously the polyhedral dice are a nod to table-top role playing games, and that ties into the "swallowed the dice" portion of the lyric. Life is a blend of luck, skill, and sheer grit. The past handful of years have really been about taking charge of where my life goes for me. Sure, you could leave life up to chance, but you could also play the cards you were dealt & make the best of whatever numbers you roll. I was also asked if I wore the rain

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