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Idk who did this tattoo but it's beautiful!

Idk who did this tattoo but it's beautiful!


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#3d #reading #So beautiful, but who did it?I don't know who did this but I love it XDJosh did itSaw this on the web. Don't know who it belongs to but wish I did!Idk what it is about a male lion and soft flowers but this is bitchinWanted to draw some waves but didn't want to ruin it so I left it.. lol
#rosetatto  idk who did it I was drunkI have no idea who did this, but it is badass!  #trashpolkaJoshua did itdont know who originally desinged this but its a beautiful piece hope you like itNot sure if I'd prefer this style over traditional, but it is beautiful artwork. No idea who created this.Amazingly beautiful! Not sure who did this. #portrait #brushstroke #hyperrealism #shading