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The first rule of ________ is to... why, forget about it #megandreamtattoo

The first rule of ________ is to... why, forget about it #megandreamtattoo


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Sorry about the quality of the photo. This is my very first tattoo. Need to get it renewed. "Effect of the observer" The effect of the observer (the consciousness of the observer) is a group of hypotheses about the possibility of the observer influencing elementary particles. It goes back to the ideas of the creators of quantum mechanics, and is a consequence of the problem of measuring quantum effects. According to Bohr, without an observer, the surrounding reality is only a probabilistic form. Concrete reality appears only with the advent of the observer. Some scientists equate the observer, man, and human consciousness. So Werner Heisenberg in the book "Physics and Philosophy" mentions a subjective observer. John Wheeler states that: "Observers are needed to bring the universe into being."
To rule is to protect.‘Rule Breaker’