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Iván Segura Rivera
This is my second piece.Product of the incredible tattoo skills from my bro Stan SpinalThis is just an amazing piece of art...#Owl #GodOwlOfDreams #Tattoo #Wisdom #knowledge #Birds #blackandgrey #animals

This is my second piece. Product of the incredible tattoo skills from my bro Stan Spinal This is just an amazing piece of art... #Owl #GodOwlOfDreams #Tattoo #Wisdom #knowledge #Birds #blackandgrey #animals


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St Michael the archangel. This historic piece comes from an old painting. This is slightly below the elbow This one is a "Boruca Mask", it represents an ancient Costa Rican ritual called "Danza de los Diablitos" and tells the story of a group of Devils that comes out from beneath the ground to fight against an invasor, they are also capable to die and get back to life as many times as can be required...!!Artist: Stan Spinal.Foot tattoo for a couple...This piece is a representation of the union between two soulmates is everything.This is a piece of art!!This is a freehand japanese inspired backpiece i love doing all styles but this is one of my favoritesMy take on this odin piece.
#sparrow #bird #abstract piece created for my amazing customer. This is only a couple of inches wide. So much fun! This is an amazing piece✫Really enjoyed doing this piece from my flash book. This piece is amazingFront view of this #freehand piece‘Parts of me’ :Flavio saw this subject on one of my last watercolour (that has just been sold!!) and i’m so happy I tattooed him with this piece of my heart