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I don't know who did this but I love it XD

I don't know who did this but I love it XD


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Don Corleone custom city i did some days ago.I dont know who made this but i want it tattooed so badlyThis is the style I love doing and I enjoy the most. 
Freehand on fingers.
I love it.If you know me, you know I love me some dragons! I have no idea who did this, but it is badass!  #trashpolkaI know what I want. -lettering
I dont know who I did this onSaw this on the web. Don't know who it belongs to but wish I did!don't know who did this but I wanna so this style with some modificationsI don't know whose this is, or who did it, but something similar to this would be my #dreamtattooI want this tat but I dont know who created it....  Can someone help me out?I dont know how i feel about this one, i kinda love it, but i wouldn't use it. Its weird