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My flash sheet from the Great Lakes Tattoo, walk up classic event in chicago. Sea shell  flash sheet.   All of these are one-off tattoos. Once I tattoo something off a flash sheet - I don't tattoo it again, but I am more then happy to draw up something similar.  Half of these designs have been tattooed.  Painting by Sema Dayoub #semadayoub #nassimdayoub #traditionaltattoo #qttr #queertattooer Illustration on a prosthetic leg by Gale Shapira aka Bloodwraith #GaleShapira #Bloodwraith #Illustrative #darkart #horror #blackwork
Titled "Perception" We have this perception as human beings we are some how different. Based on religion, race, sex, society status, but if u take a second from your external self and take a journey within letting go of it all, u can find a place of peace a place of freedom a place of love, that connection to all light of true faith 'love' .  This moment this moment right now is all we have not the past not the future. And when your path is true and intentions are pure u will realise, We are all equal we are all connected . What will u do with your time on this planet? Live now live for the moment  share love share compassion teach our children happiness not judgement. We are one ❤️ have fun smile and most of all be great full. None of us chose to be born but here we are lets make the most of it 😎🌌🌏💞🙏🏻 #love #compassion #live #letgo #peaceonearth #thedreamisreal #takecontrol #share #one #loveoverfear #blahblahblah #icouldgoonandon #digitalpaintingSUMMER SPECIALS•$400 on arms or legs ($600-$800 value)•Available in color or black + grey•Must book in July or August 2021 to get this special price! Painting by Swasthik Iyengar aka Gunga Ma #SwasthikIyengar #GungaMa #color #traditional #Hindu #sacredsymbols #sacrediconography Painting by Aaron Della Vedova #AaronDellaVedova