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AMAndrew Molina Andrade
Andrew Molina Andrade
For the african tribe this symbol means to demonstrate they are a free peolple. For me it means I am free in the name of God and because of the blood of his son now I'm a free man.

For the african tribe this symbol means to demonstrate they are a free peolple. For me it means I am free in the name of God and because of the blood of his son now I'm a free man.


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This was a first tattoo.  We might shade it. She pretty mich gabe me free-reign to create something for her.  I am very pleased with the outcome.Little inner thigh cutie for Brian! Thanks man, i guess this means i do freckle tattoos now #cosmetictattooingWould love somethinn like this for my son, his name means son of the wavesI am really excited for the beginning of this project here’s a few tattoos with some different style not JapaneseExperience the power of ancient Egypt with this stunning black and gray realism tattoo of Anubis by Milan Boros. A tribute to the god of the afterlife and protector of souls.
“The son of man” I’ve added a couple of dates to London this year. I’m now taking bookings for the 4th-6th December, other than these dates I am fully booked in London for the rest of this year! ☁️ email me to book ☁️ fidjit.m@gmail.comIt was a pleasure for me to be a part of this project, it reminds me one of the best period of my life. 2008 was a great year! if you guys obviously dont know, i was an “active member” of the scene.
who wants to see some photos of that period? of me, of course! 😂🖤
.A special thanks to my bro @blindmachines aka (matty murder ) for collaborate with me and lend me his pictures from the 2008💖Loneliness in the universeLoneliness is a feeling that has become one of the characteristic features of our generation Z. In theory, a person as a social being surrounded by other individuals should not experience this feeling. Is it the result of the appearance of social networks and online life for show, or the fact that we have much more information about the world and people that we want to get away from this? For me personally, this has become the main feeling of life and creativity. I didn’t draw, and I thought that I didn’t know how to do it, until I was at one moment at the bottom of the darkest, most drawn and dreary loneliness. Before that, I tried to close the disconnect with the world, communicating with people who were doing something of what I thought, I was never given and never will be. But if it happens that these very people are knocking the soil out from under your feet, then you, like Alice, are flying to the bottom of the same dreary rabbit hole. And that made me who I am now. The more you delve into knowledge, the less you want to communicate with most people and the more necessary it becomes to build your own world. One of my favorite artists, Victor Pivovarov, a representative of Moscow conceptualism, a landmark in unofficial Soviet and then Russian art, in 1975 produced a series of “Projects for a lonely person” that roughly describe a “perfectly lonely” person. I also decided to make a series of illustrations to the philosophical aspects of the consideration of this concept. Still, I'm also a kind of Moscow conceptualist. The second image I will attach the work of Pivovarov.Based on the generalized picture, we can distinguish four images of loneliness: cosmic, cultural, social, interpersonal.So N1:Cosmic loneliness is a person’s experience of his remoteness from the “all-encompassing” essence, which nature, cosmos, and the world can seem to be; God, the "highest mind" '; human history. This refers to the state of mind of a person who realizes that his “life program” remains unrealized, that his personality is not noticed by society, that he has not left “his mark on history”.Because I am free“I've always been fascinated by memory and dreams because they are both completely our own. No one else has the same memories. No one has the same dreams.The reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept.” ― Lois LowryThank you Alicia for your trust and for the complete freedom with your idea! “This [spruce] tree means a great deal to me. I grew up 50 meters away from this tree and therefore had the chance to see its majestic beauty evolve from season to season for more than 25 years. This tree can be seen from anywhere in a 10-mile radius and therefore brings me confidence and a sense of joy and peace as it reminds me of my days as a young and innocent girl who had ambitious dreams. It reminds me how far I have come to this day. It also reminds me of my Home, my Family, my Friends and my dear pets.” Done at the beautiful @southcitymarket-Finest black ink in London-Books open for #sinCaspar, Johan, and Mads of Tattoodo. Just a few of the people who are here for you.