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This stood out to me, love the work

This stood out to me, love the work


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Love a healed shot of my work, thank you Kristina for sending me this one!
To get tattooed by me call @modernclassictattoo 🙌🏻Got my rose... traditional, love how it turned outOut of this world work by Rom Azovsky! This is so poetic and perfect!Love the way this one came out contact me for more information Mapped out the top half of this #kitsunetattoo today #slavetotheneedle #seattletattooCheck me out on IG @uglyblacksheep
Shout out to this artist the script ! I ll be attending the #philadelphiatattooconvention #2019 check me out there and show your love  #philadelphia #tattooconvention This owl is so cute I love the shadow work stands outAndrew sewells sleeve! I’d love to contruct more sleeves like this, let me hear your ideas!The blissful cicadas or Cicadoidea. Thanks to the couple for taking this up, they’re now together :) Really enjoy doing this kinda work :)Deets on this ongoing Naga backpiece. Having the best fun with this one 😍
To get tattooed by me, call the shop directly