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The meaning of a arrow tattoo

The meaning of a arrow tattoo


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ArrowThe meaning of LifeThis holds a lot of meaning for the client.A tattoo pf the band Wardruna, meaning "rune of knowledge" I love the idea of getting a bow and arrow tattoo, but with a rose instead of an arrow#Phoenix and a #skulltupuss , the meaning of this tattoo is reincarnation.
A simpel but clean design with a lot of meaning.#thewitcher #rosetattoo #fineline #tattooofthedayA lot of meaning....Double headed geometric arrow (Designed it myself)Meaning behind my arrow tattooThe meaning of some letters. My arrow tattoo, a jazzed up version of the sagitarrius sign.#arrow #collarbone #saggitarrius Skeleton with flower petals back in a subtle halo. Fine line shading with quite some details in a small area. It hold quite some meaning for the client, glad I’m able to capture them with the expression of it thru the body language of the skeleton and somehow dramatic expressive petals of the flower.